Thanks to all for your interest in allowing me to share my passion and love for Wagner (his music, that is, NOT his politics!---more on that to come!).  It is my hope that we will all be Wagner Ring fanatics by the time we are finished with this series of 30 meetings (yes, you heard that correctly! More on that later as well.).

This in-depth two-semester took the class through:

  1. Bullet History of the Ring cycle and Wagner’s political & 

     philosophical life

  1. Bullet Analysis of mythological sources

  2. Bullet Musical analysis of ALL leitmotives and leitmotive


  1. Bullet Scene-by-scene coverage and discussion



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My basic plan is as follows: we cover about 30 minutes of the Ring every session, with detailed analysis of the score and sources using the piano-vocal scores, and then watching the same segment straight through on video with some commentary (but mainly simply to enjoy it and get the visual aspect into our heads as well). The handouts that I provide have much interesting and penetrating info, and I hope you will have time to delve into them. They will always include the translation of the text (the translation used in the piano-vocal score is AWFUL) which as you can see also offers info on staging, musical notes, and cross-referencing of leitmotives.

Leo Eylar

Professor of Music

Director, CSUS Symphony Orchestra

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